About Me

I am a Professional Photographer working with  a wide range of clients from commercial photography to portraits, weddings and events. I am based in Nottingham but work with clients across the country.

What makes me different from other photographers?

I specialise in trying to capture the look and feel of the whole event, as well as capturing the personality of the client, rather just 'shooting and running'. For example I usually start a wedding at the beginning of the day and won't finish until the end of the celebrations. This enables me to fully capture the spirit of the event and allows me to work in collaboration with the client. Your photos are a once in a lifetime opportunity to share the moment and they shouldn't be crammed into a few hours.

One of the highlights for me is the pleasure I get interacting with the people that I am photographing and making it an enjoyable experience for all.

Contact Me

For further information you can contact me on: 07939246810, email: paulboyd@mac.com or look at my web site: www.paulboyd.co.uk

Please note that many of the albums are hidden from public view (locked with client password access only)  and this is just a sample of some the events and celebrations that I have captured